National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics

About us

The National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NCE) was appointed by the Federal Council 2001 to advise the authorities from an ethical perspective, as an independent expert committee, in the field of human biomedicine.

About the NCE (Flyer)

New technologies used in medical practice open up a host of possibilities, for example in reproduction and how people plan their lives, which raise fundamental questions about life and death, the future of society and about the benefits of scientific research. In this context the NCE sees itself as a tool of the modern state and of democracy. It seeks to clarify ethical issues by addressing and elucidating current topics. The main emphasis is placed on the preparation of opinions and recommendations, and communication with the public.

Current work

The following topics are on the agenda of the Commission: beginning of life, gene editing, social egg freezing, NIPT, the culture of death and dying, migration and health.


President NCE
Prof. Dr. iur. Andrea Büchler

Executive Secretary NCE

Tel. +41 (0)58 464 93 65